Accounting and financial services how they should be, in support of the entrepreneur

How does it work?

  1. We get acquainted
  2. We manage your company’s financial outlook daily
  3. Relationship with state authorities
  4. Company analysis

What can I manage?
How can I do it?

Sales management

Bizee allows you to create customers, issue invoices and send them the invoice directly by email. You can track all the invoices issued directly in the platform, their collection being updated by our team based on bank statements.

Bizee will track the receipt of the invoices issued in due time and within the cash flow reports will allow you to track the invoices late to the collection or to be received.

Payables management

The procurement documents you will send to our teams for operation. All you need is a mobile, laptop or desktop connected to the internet. You can also choose the traditional way of delivering our documents directly to the office. In the next 24 hours the document will be operated in Bizee.

All purchase documents will be available online directly on the Bizee platform for further consultation.

Bizee will follow up on the payment in due time of the payables and within the cash flow reports it will allow you to follow up the invoices late to the payment or to be paid.

Procurement planning, production and production reporting.

We understand the importance of efficiency in production for the competitiveness of your company and for this our team will help you to permanently plan your purchases, production and report the consumption correctly.

Planning and executing your purchases in production is important so that you do not overstep.

Production planning will ensure that you fulfill your commitments to customers.

Proper reporting of production costs will help you know the costs, determine where you can improve the production activity and make sure you are profitable.

Stock management

Our experience tells us that stock management and sizing is a critical element in the financial health of the company. Bizee allows you to track real-time stocks directly on our platform at all times.

Receipts and payments

Receipts and payments related to business partners, employees, the state or associations are operated in Bizee based on your bank statements. We recommend you to have direct access to the bank statements in order to be able to operate them daily and to offer you the picture of the company's financial situation daily.

Bizee and the Bizee team do not make payments, but through our cash flow module you will always have recommendations for managing payment obligations or receivables collection.


Inventory management requires a stock count to be completed and operated at least once a year. The results of the stock count will be operated quickly and easily in Bizee.


Managing the relationship with employees has never been easier. Enter the data of the employees in Bizee and using our procedure for managing the employees together with the documents pre-filled in 10 minutes, complete the procedures for hiring, modifying or terminating the employment contract.


Salary calculation is transparent and fast. Enter the timesheet and if necessary submit the medical leave documents and the calculation of salaries is immediate.


Follow up on the payables resulted from taxes. Whether it is tax on profit or turnover, local taxes, contributions to wages or any other taxes and fees, their amount and calculation is available in Bizee in a transparent and easy to understand manner.

Relations with shareholders

Whether you credit the company or have dividends to distribute, it is important to keep track of the situation on a daily basis.

Reports and analisys

Bizee offers you a large number of reports and standard analyses, from the evolution of turnover and profitability to the cost structure of products or the company. Also Bizee will provide you with a daily cash flow in order to be able to follow the financial situation of the company.

In addition, our team can assist you with any further analysis to better understand various aspects of your company's activity.

Contracts management

Bizee offers you the contract templates for commercial relations with customers and suppliers and a dedicated module for tracking and archiving them.

Document management

All the documents of the company are archived in the Bizee platform and organized in virtual files in order to allow access to them anytime and anywhere.

Bizee Team

Together from day one

Our team will be with you, every step and all the challenges that will come up we will overcome together. We will treat your company as if it were ours, with the same passion and dedication that has defined us so far in everything we have done.

We chose this road because we admire and respect the entrepreneurs, the people who, more than ever, decided to invest and risk it. We are here to be with you.

Credit support
and investments.

We are by your side to
develop your business

The most beautiful stage in a company is when it feels it has the potential to grow.We know from our own experience how difficult it is to attract financing for business development, or even if you can get financing to come at a reasonable cost for your company.

For this reason we provide you with our experience in presenting the company for financing by loans, we advise you whether the cost of lending is correct or if you have other options.

Also, through our partner companies we can provide financing through private investment funds instead of bank loans.

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