Financial-accounting services, human resources,
payroll and business administration on the modern platform

Available anywhere in Romania

What is it

Bizee is the vision of a team with experience in accounting, taxation, human resources - payroll and business administration to give all entrepreneurs the chance to have access to clear, accurate and real-time information about their business.

We set out to offer the same standard of financial accounting services that only large companies have benefited so far for all SMEs. In order to be efficient and to provide prompt services, we have developed a platform that reduces bureaucracy, reduces time and the way of processing company documents, provides real-time analysis and situations and ultimately provides the much needed competitive advantage to each entrepreneur.

Bizee allows you to easily manage the issuance and registration of invoices, receivables collection and payment of suppliers, planning and tracking of production activity, stocks, cash flow, profitability analysis of the company, balance sheet and profit and loss account, loans and basically anything of interest related to the financial aspects of your company.

What makes
Bizee special?

Bizee streamlines and organizez your entire bookkeeping and administration process. Quickly and efficiently it helps centralize all the important information for your company.

Bizee replaces the traditional accountant with an online business management platform and a complete team at your disposal.

All the important information of the company is centralized, ordered and automated so whether you want to generate invoices, reports, cash flow budgets, balance sheet or manage employees, production, stocks and the entire accounting and financial aspects of your company, Bizee simplifies your process and does not let you make mistakes.


We want to support every entrepreneur who wants to achieve the next great idea, which is why the success of our partners is essential.